Thankful for Our Special GO-TO Spots for Holiday Menu Favorites

Thankful for Our Special GO-TO Spots for Holiday Menu Favorites

  • The Riverside Realty Group
  • 11/8/22

On any given day here at The Riverside Realty Group you will hear joyful banter among teammates when it comes to favorite markets, bakeries, and prepared food destinations. One of the (many) benefits of having local agents work for the firm, is all of the fabulous tried and true spots each agent is excited to recommend. Not only does our team live in and shop in the communities they work in, but many have also been in the area long enough to stand by their recommendations firmly as loyal supporters of the local businesses for a decade or more.

We took a quick survey last week of everyone's GO-TO spot for Thanksgiving items and as you will see below, this list covers a lot!! If you're new to the area or just searching for a great spot to find that special something for your holiday menu, reach out. We love serving our community as a resource for all things in lower Fairfield County!! We go beyond real estate and serve up suggestions that truly improve your life here in this very special corner of Connecticut.


  • I always order sides from my dear friend Alison Milwe Grace, AMG Catering. - Liz Videler, Realtor | LV HOMES
  • I am ordering my pies from the Wakeman Town Farm pie sale.  Great pies to support a great cause. Proceeds benefit the Connecticut Food Share. - Mary Ann Lindwall, Realtor | VP of Advertising + Marketing
  • I always order pies from Sono Baking Company pickup in the Southport location. The apple crumb and pecan are great but if you have never tried the pumpkin cheesecake, that’s AMAZING! - Suzanne Sholes, Realtor
  • Greenberg Smoked Turkey from Tyler Texas. Also, I heard the pies from Wakeman Town Farm are great. - Jenny Bentley, Realtor
  • I love shopping for all of my menu items at Whole Foods Market in Westport. Knowing our produce is organic and my list is well stocked is key when I have little time leading up to the holiday to prepare. - Jenn Lieberman, Principal Partner/Realtor
  • I get my Turkey every year from Stiles Market, they are the best. - Amanda Thaw, Realtor
  • I get desserts and muffins from Stew Leonard's in Norwalk. I have several people staying for days so Stew's is a great resource when it’s like a Bed and Breakfast here. Last year I got my Turkey from Caraluzzi's Market in Wilton. - Louise Bromberger, Realtor
  • I always order sides from Balducci's Market. The stuffing tastes exactly like my grandmother's. They are also great at customizing ingredients to accommodate guests' allergies or aversions. - Jody Peters, VP of Brand Strategy + Business Development
  • Stew Leonard's does it all. You can do all of your ordering for sides and/or Turkey (cooked or raw) online. - Rob Grodman, Realtor
  • Thanksgiving has gotten so much better now that I don’t attempt my own pies and get them freshly made from Beldotti bakery in Stamford. They are my go-to local spot for all pastries and bread but around the holidays I especially love their pumpkin pie and make sure I order in advance. They don't have a website they only have their social media FB and IG (@beldottibakery). They've been around longer than me and are a community staple. - Susie Calabrese, Realtor
  • I use Romanacci's for some hot foods as well as for their cannolis! - Sereniti Dobson, Realtor
  • We do a lot of our shopping at A & S Fine Foods, from the Panettone to prepared hors d'oeurves, sides, etc, they have something for every occasion. They have great options for regular weeknight dinners too if you're in a rush. - Justine Lieberman Fink, Co-Founder + Owner/Realtor
  • I usually do all of the cooking myself - using family recipes is an important part of celebrating the holidays for me. I order my turkey from Stiles Market and in a pinch, I'll grab the smoked fish dip and crackers from Fjord Fish Market, desserts from Michelle's Pies, and cornbread from The Fresh Market. - Judi Lake, Realtor | LV Homes
  • Holidays are made easy with Kneads Bakery Cafe & Whole Foods for meal prep. Everything is always fresh and tasty. - Lila Metalia, Realtor
If you are looking for a hard-to-find menu item, reach out!! Our team would be happy to make some recommendations. Thank you to all of the extraordinary establishments listed above and to the people who make them so special!! We are grateful to have these businesses in our lower Fairfield County communities.

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