Remote Work Looks To Be A Fixture - At Least For A Little While Longer

Remote Work Looks To Be A Fixture - At Least For A Little While Longer

  • 08/26/21

Yet again we are looking at return-to-office delays as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Major companies are extending their remote work options and it seems that survey after survey reflects a general consensus of enthusiasm and reported higher-than-anticipated productivity from workers. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal dated August 22nd, Chip Cutter the author of the piece cited delays in pulling the work force back to the office from Apple, Chevron Corp., Wells Fargo, Amazon, Facebook and Lyft Inc. to name a few. With more and more people incorporating a hybrid schedule into their lives, it seems that finding homes with flexible living quarters and office space is a must.

At The Riverside Realty Group, we have seen buyers from Norwalk to Westport, Weston to Southport and Fairfield all eager to upsize and downsize with home office space capturing a top spot on the attribute list as a non-negotiable. Distance to and from the city is also less of a priority with many new and existing jobs requiring less of a commitment to in-house work for employees. Will this hybrid work model continue to evolve and for how long? According to the same article mentioned above, many corporations are pushing out their return-to-office deadlines through 2022. 

Keeping these hybrid work conditions in mind, we culled together a few of our favorite work-from-home pieces and put them on a design board "For Her" and "For Him". Just a little something to get you inspired and thinking about designing a new space. Whether you are a fan of the classics or you are mad for modern, we know there are countless options available to help you in your transition to a longer-term, work-from-home standard practice. Reach out if you are ready to make a move or if you need some design inspiration. We are always here to help at The Riverside Realty Group.



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We also LOVE shopping local brick and mortar shops here in lower Fairfield County. We would be happy to steer you to local designers and/or retailers who can help you execute the perfect work-from-home space. 

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