Setting a Table for The Spring Holidays

Setting a Table for The Spring Holidays

  • 04/13/22

"Where flowers bloom so does hope." - Lady Bird Johnson

If you are anything like me, this week holds a very special place in your heart. There is something about the Passover and Easter holiday season that signifies Spring is truly on its way. It's not scientific like the meteorological start of the season or the setting of clocks ahead but it's the tablescapes and floral arrangements signifying the rebirth of life and the warm New England days ahead. In a time when the world feels off-kilter and messy, the significance of peace and joy celebrated by many cultures in this season feels more necessary, significant, and full of hope, than ever.

If you're looking for some tablescape inspiration for Passover or Easter this coming weekend hopefully, these images found on Pinterest will spark some excitement and get the gears grinding. Happy Spring friends and enjoy whatever you celebrate be it religious or not.

In a pinch and looking for some fabulous updates to your tableware collection? Check out one of our favorite resources for timeless, chic options HERE. Unfortunately, the brick-and-mortar Outlet is no longer in Stamford but the good news shopping is available to you day or night! Give the fine folks at Juliska a call, they will be happy to ship what you need.



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