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About The Riverside Realty Group

The Riverside Realty Group, Ltd. is an independent, boutique real estate firm, founded by six partners who share a passion for delivering client-centric, personalized real estate service in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Headquartered in Westport, in the heart of Fairfield County’s famed “Gold Coast,” our group has gained the top leadership position in one of the most upscale real estate markets in the nation. Every member of our group has exceptional talent, experience, and communications skills, and we work as a team to provide our clientele an array of brokerage programs whether buying, selling or renting homes. The Riverside Realty Group is now the preferred relocation firm for many Fortune 500 companies and we have been credited with every major award recognizing excellence in our field. This is not an accident. It is because of our commitment to service, our commitment to you.

With 68 years of combined experience, the six founders united around their shared desire to serve their clients better and to work with high ethical standards, financial acumen, and up-to-the minute real estate market information. Because we all live in the area we serve, Fairfield County, we take great pride in our community and our work. We want to give our clients a detailed and deep understanding of what makes our community special and how to make fully informed choices.

It’s not just about the numbers: In real estate, there is no such thing as an average house nor an average market price—value in buying or renting comes from getting exactly what you want and from negotiating from a position of comprehensive knowledge. Power in selling comes from honest negotiations and having a well-coordinated support team for optimum visibility. To serve you best, The Riverside Group meets as a team to work on every client’s needs; we carefully analyze the market, the community, and discuss each property together to come up with a wise and individual plan tailored to your needs.

Our independence from any national real estate firm or banking interest insures the finest of personalized services. As your real estate boutique, we have greater flexibility in responding to a changeable market; we all like to think outside the box, and we are free from the time- consuming red tape that ties up large firms. This freedom has helped propel our agents to achieving the highest producer per market share— based on MLS sales volume data— of any other real estate firm in the area, with fewer than half as many agents as the big national firms.

Our Commitment to You

Buying or selling your home may be the most important decision in your life. Your home investment represents your future, your security, and your retirement. We work hard to earn your trust and to assist our clients in making wise, satisfying transactions. Proud to be of service, Riverside Reality is your most important resource.