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Hope Klein: A Dedicated Realtor with Deep Roots in Fairfield County


Hope Klein's distinguished real estate career, spanning over three decades, began amidst the hustle and bustle of New York City's Upper West Side. Her early experiences there, working with notable celebrities, laid a solid foundation for her exceptional skills in the industry.


Transitioning to Fairfield County 25 years ago, Hope has become a respected figure in the local real estate market. She proudly rejoins The Riverside Realty Group, where her journey began, marking a full circle in her professional career.

Her business philosophy, characterized by honesty, hard work, and a deep understanding of the local market, aligns seamlessly with the ethos of The Riverside Realty Group. Hope's expertise as a negotiator has seen her play a pivotal role in some of the area's most significant property sales. Her approach goes beyond transactions, focusing on building lasting client relationships.


While Hope's professional life is deeply entrenched in Fairfield County, her connection to the area is equally profound. Her family's legacy in Westport, where her daughters were educated and her eldest daughter chose to raise her family, is a source of great pride for Hope. This personal tie to the community enriches her professional role, giving her unique insights and a genuine understanding of her clients' needs.



Besides her career in real estate, Hope is deeply committed to community service. She serves on the board of directors of The Ellen Hermanson Foundation, an organization dedicated to providing access to advanced breast health care and supporting individuals impacted by cancer. For many years, Hope also participated in the mentoring program offered by Human Services in the town of Westport. Her active involvement in these initiatives highlights her dedication to making a significant difference in the community, demonstrating her profound commitment to enhancing and supporting the lives of those around her.


Hope Klein is not just a seasoned realtor; she is a fervent advocate for meaningful causes and a trusted guide in the Fairfield County real estate market. Her return to The Riverside Realty Group is a testament to her enduring commitment to the community, which has been a significant part of her personal and professional life.



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