Real Estate Market Report for Westport, CT – January 2017

The number of active listings (282 total) was down 14% from January 2016 (327) and did not change from the previous month. The median listing price for the month was $1.71 million (up from $1.67 million in January 2016). Compared to last year, the average number of days that units spent on the market before being sold was up 17% (from 125 to 146). The median sale price was $1.62 million, up from the median sale price of $977,500 the previous month and down from the median sale price of $1.63 in January 2016. Year over year, the number of units sold increased 20% (20 in January 2016 and 24 in January 2017). The number of units sold decreased 14% from the previous month (28 units were sold in December 2016).